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HVAC Licensing Exams

Inspector Leonard "Doc" Beaken arranges examinations based on the 2012 International Mechanical Code and the 2012 International Fuel Gas Code.  The fee for the journeman exam is $40 and the fee for the master exam is $125. Fees must either accompany your application (available on-line as either a Microsoft Word document or as an Adobe Acrobat  file) and any required documentation or be paid the morning of your exam.

You can reach Mr. Beaken at 701-476-6702 or to arrange a date for your examination.  It is recommended that you plan on spending a full day (from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) if you will be testing for both the mechanical and fuel gas codes or four hours if you take one exam. You will need to bring a calculator and your own copies of the applicable codes.  Books are available via the publisher's website.

There are also two group exams held each year, about the third week of June and the second week of December.  Notices for the exact dates and locations will be sent to all current mechanical contractors along with a blank application, which may be copied as needed.

Exams will be corrected within two business days and a letter specifying whether you passed or failed will be sent within three business days. When you pass, an application for a City of Fargo HVAC license will be included with your letter as well as the applicable rate for the license and where you should send the application and fee. You can also visit the City of Fargo Auditor's Office to pay for your license with a credit card.

There are certain licensing reciprocity arrangements.  For more information on these, please contact Mr. Beaken.