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Fargo Youth Initiative

Mission: Empowering the voice and uniting the youth of Fargo through actions and teamwork.

Vision: Creating an atmosphere where youth have a positive, sustainable impact on the community of Fargo.

The tagline of FYI is "Connect. Create. Educate."

Commission Duties

  • Serve as a liaison between the City of Fargo and the youth of Fargo.
  • Investigate needs, problems, and issues affecting the youth of Fargo.
  • Research issues and make policy or project recommendations to the Fargo City Commission.

Members & Meetings

FYI is composed of middle and high school students from public and private schools in Fargo.

Applications are now being accepted for the 2016 - 2017 commission. Please complete the application form to express your interest.

For the questions regarding past experience with city government and professional experience, please substitute any related co-curricular and/or extra-curricular experiences.   


For any questions or for further information, please contact Dan Mahli at

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Additional Information