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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Engineering Department Located?
The Engineering Department is located on the first floor in City Hall, 200 3rd Street North.

How can I get my alley paved?
An Alley Paving Petition (pdf) must be signed by 55 percent of the property owners on the block in order for the Engineering Department to begin a design and cost estimate on an alley–paving project. To learn more, view the Alley Paving Process (PDF) document or contact the Engineering Department at 701-241-1545.

I am doing a remodeling project and would like to get a dumpster placed in front of my house on the street.
Who should I contact?
You must first request delivery of a dumpster by calling the Fargo Solid Waste Department at 241-1449. After making arrangements for delivery of the dumpster, a permit allowing for a dumpster to be placed on city right-of-way must be obtained from the Engineering Department (241-1545).

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