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Resources for Insurance Agents

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As a local insurance agent, members of our community will turn to you for information about how new flood maps may affect the way they need to financially protect their homes and businesses. Use the NFIP Toolkid to effectively convey the insurance implications of new flood maps, and help people assess their flood risk and insurance needs. Templates for postcards and letters to your clients, as well as tips and talking points for communicating important information can be tailored to fit youragency and best serve your clients. View the resources available in the NFIP toolkit at

How to find historic FEMA products: FHBM, FIRMs, LOMC, FIS, etc.  (PDF)

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Helpful Resources

How to explain flood insurance rate changes to clients (pdf)

Policy conversion information (pdf)
This document explains how to convert a Standard Rated Policy (SRP) to include Preferred Risk Policy (PRP).

Free Agent Training

FEMA now offers a short and easy to understand online video course that will help you better service insureds and borrowers by understanding how mapping changes affect rates, premiums, and the mandatory purchase of flood insurance. It's free.

Agents can also sign up for free
NFIP agent training bulletins.