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Stormwater Management

The Stormwater Management Program is how we manage surface waters in Fargo. The stormwater concept includes more than just the structural drainage system. There are water quality requirements  and flood issues that must also be addressed. Stormwater and floodplain management are obviously interrelated, but regulated differently which explains why they are often addressed independently like our programs. For information on the storm sewer utility system checkout the utility page.

Stormwater in the United States is strictly regulated by the Clean Water Act and administered by the EPA. In our state the North Dakota State Health Department has regulatory authority under permit from the EPA. There are many environmental permits even within a municipality: water treatment, landfill, wastewater, industrial just to name a few. The storm sewer system itself must be permitted.  Development within a community must also be permitted to discharge into a water of the United States. Fargo meets the local development/construction ordinance and guideline requirements for water quality in Chapter 37, Stromwater Management.

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