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Judges and Staff

gavel-for-webThe Municipal Judge is elected to a four-year term. The judge must be licensed to practice law and  be a resident of the City of Fargo. Vacancies that occur between elections are filled by appointment by the Board of City Commissioners. Fargo also has alternate municipal judges as recommended by the court and appointed by the City Commission. The current judge is Stephen Dawson.  Our alternate judges are Scott Diamond and Michelle Donarski. 

The Clerk of Court is responsible for the administration of court records. Susan C. Thompson, the Clerk of Court, is assisted by the Deputy Clerk of Court, Jennifer Smedshammer and support staff.  The staff provides information to assist the public in all cases filed in Municipal Court but cannot provide legal advice.  You may contact the Clerk of Court's Office by e-mail at to ask questions.  Court appearances may only be rescheduled by contacting the Clerk of Court's Office in person or by telephone.