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North Dakota climate changes

The following quotations and facts were provided by Deborah Williams, president of Alaska Conservation Solutions, at a meeting with Fargo Mayor Dennis Walaker.

“Across the Northern and Central Great Plains, temperatures have risen more than two degrees Farenheit in the past century… Over the last 100 years, annual precipitation has decreased by 10% in North Dakota.”    (National Assessment Synthesis Team 2000/2004)

Temperatures in 2006 were 3.94 degrees warmer than the 30-year benchmark.

Possible future events

"A temperature increase of just three degrees centigrade would cause a 100-mile shift in the duck factory, moving it to western Minnesota and Iowa…That would cause a serious problem for duck production and you could expect a serious decline in duck numbers.” (Dr. Carter Johnson USD professor)

A reduction in insect species that are integral to ecosystem could occur, according to Dr. Andrei Kirilenko, UND professor.

What you can do

Visit the Mayor's protecting our climate page to learn what you can do to prevent global warming.