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RSS Feeds

RSS is a technology that allows you to obtain updated information from your favorite Web sites without having to visit each one individually. The letters RSS stand for "Really Simple Syndication" or "Rich Site Summary".

When you subscribe to an RSS feed, your computer automatically monitors the sites you instruct it to and downloads the latest information posted there. It compiles these updates for you to view in one convenient location.

An orange symbol with the letters "RSS" often appears on Web sites to alert you that they offer RSS feeds. A symbol with the letters "XML" or "RDF" also indicates the availability of an RSS feed.

RSS Readers

In order to use RSS feeds, you must have software that will collect the updates for you. You can use the RSS reader in your Internet browser (Internet Explorer 7 supports RSS), use a Web-based product like Google Reader or download free RSS reader software (also called an "aggregator). The Web site offers suggestions for the best downloadable RSS readers.

For specifics on how to set up your RSS reader to obtain the feeds you want, consult the instructions provided on the site where you downloaded your reader or those provided by the maker of your Internet browser.

You can view RSS feeds from your desktop or laptop computer, your PDA device (personal digital assistant) and other portable devices like iPods.

A list of available City of Fargo RSS feeds is found at the top of the right-hand column on this page.

City RSS feeds
We currently offer RSS feeds for some of the sections of our site that are updated the most frequently:

City news and events

Fargo street closings

Fargo Library calendar

City of Fargo calendar

Civic Center calendar

We plan to add more RSS feeds in the future. If there's a page on our site where you think an RSS feed would be especially useful, please send an e-mail to Communications Manager Karena Carlson at