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The City of Fargo offers a number of brochures and other publications that provide information about its services. The publications listed are available for immediate printing and/or can be ordered by mail if you complete the online publications order form. Some publications are available in variety of languages. A language selection drop-down menu is located at the top of the publications page. More information regarding ordering and printing is available below.

View  List of publications

Ordering by mail

Check off the publications you want on the list, complete the order form, and then click "Submit Request" at the bottom of the page. Please help us minimize postage expenses by limiting your request to 10 publications or less when possible. We ship only to addresses in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Printing from this site

All the printable versions of publications on this site are in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat reader to view them. Check off the printable versions you would like to download, then click the submit request button at the bottom of the page (you do not need to complete the order form).