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Snow plan summary

October 2005



         A.   PHASE I: Attempt to keep all Snow Emergency Routes open until snowfall ends
 (24-hour operation). 

Safety concerns, such as zero visibility, will dictate assignments.  It may be necessary to call in equipment from certain areas as in blizzard conditions. Public Works/Operations will respond to Police Department verified emergencies where possible.

         B.   PHASE II: Begin city-wide plowing operations (+1650 lane miles, 360 center line
         miles, +300 alleys and over 130 cul-de-sacs.)  

Goal: 20 hours dependingon wind, additional snow, etc. Clock begins when snowfall has ended. The plowing areas will be varied but selections will be based on our effectiveness due to continuing winds etc. Re-plowing areas is time consuming and expensive.

         C.   PHASE III: Begin clean-up operations.

(a)   Clean snow from sidewalks in areas where public right of way joins the street right of way.
(b)   Haul snow from Central Business District.
(c)   Clear intersections by widening.
(d)   Haul snow from cul-de-sacs.
(e)   Haul snow from areas where little boulevard storage is available.

NOTE: All of the above tasks (Phase III) will begin simultaneously as staff/equipment is available.

II.     Staff:

A.   Two shifts will be utilized during snow events. (8-12 Hr/Shift depending on the severity 
      of the event)

B.   Staff from other departments (Watermains & Hydrants, Forestry, Central Garage) will be utilized to assist when necessary and available.

C.   Contracted routes will be plowed when snowfall exceeds 2" or as necessary.

D.   During blizzards or other extreme conditions, additional contractors and equipment may be required.  The winter of 1996-1997 was a prime example of extreme conditions.  Several contractors were utilized in the snow plowing and removal operations.

It's my recommendation that the City Commission endorse the policy of Public Works/Operations having the option to acquire additional assistance under severe conditions.

E.   The Police Department aids in dealing with private snow removal operation problems.

F.   We continue to have significant problems with street parking compliance during the winter months. This problem causes haphazard snow plowing. In an attempt to assist with enforcement, Operations will hire an enforcement employee to increase public compliance.

III.   Equipment:

         A.   All equipment is maintained by Central Garage staff.

         B.   Central Garage will provide staff (mechanics to assist during shift work
               as necessary.)

IV.   Communication/public:

         A.   Press releases will be prepared and distributed as necessary to keep
               the public informed. The information will have traffic advisories and
               indicate snow plowing progress.

         B.   Operations office hours may be extended during events as deemed

         C.   Police, Fire and Ambulance Service will be kept informed as to snow
               plowing progress.


         To provide service in a timely, efficient manner with respect to the safety
         of the public and staff.