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City regulations for sump pumps

The City has adopted an ordinance, Section 17-0211 of the City Sewer Code, establishing an inspection and enforcement process for all properties subject to the regulations. The ordinance generally establishes the following:

No dwelling constructed after September 21, 1971, shall have surface runoff or foundation drainage systems connected to the sanitary sewer.

After June 1, 2001, City personnel, or its designated representatives, shall have authority to inspect all dwellings constructed after September 21, 1971, to verify compliance. 

Properties found to be non-compliant are subject to a monthly surcharge penalty as set by Commission resolution. 

The City Engineer for Utilities shall have the authority to grant waivers to the ordinance in the form of seasonal or non-seasonal waivers. 

Seasonal and non-seasonal waivers are subject to an additional monthly fee as set by Commission resolution. The additional fee shall be added to the propertys utility bill. 

New construction found to be non-compliant at, or prior to, final inspection shall be subject to administrative penalties as set by Commission resolution.