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Block Parties

A block party is a great way to get to know your neighbors. Many groups hold their block parties on National Night Out, which is usually the first Tuesday in August, but a block party would be a perfect event on any nice summer evening.

Here are some suggestions for a successful block party:

  • One or two families should act as hosts and offer a front yard for the party. They could provide barbeque grills, and perhaps beverages, paper plates, forks, napkins, etc.
  • Select a date and time for the party.
  • About two weeks before the event, print up a flyer with all the relevant information—ask people to bring a dish to share and chairs.
  • Go door-to-door and drop off a flyer to invite each household on the block.
  • Have name tags available at the event, and have people write their name and house number on them.
  • You might want to have a sign-in sheet. You can collect names, addresses, phone numbers, and later make a copy for each person on the block.