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Junk or Abandoned vehicles

Junk vehicles are those which are unlicensed or inoperable for more than 60 days. Storage in a garage is permitted, but they are not allowed to be stored under tarps or out in the open.

Consequences: The property owner and the registered owner of the vehicle will be notified of the violation by mail and given a deadline to correct the situation. If the specified vehicle(s) are not removed by the deadline, the vehicle(s) will be towed and impounded. Vehicles towed will be destroyed after 30 days if they are not claimed.  If for some reason the vehicle cannot be towed, the City of Fargo may pursue action in Municipal Court.

If you suspect a vehicle has been abandoned on a public street, call the Police Department at 701-235-4493. They will dispatch an officer to place a tow tag on the vehicle. The officer will return after a 48-hour period. If the vehicle has not been moved, the officer will impound the vehicle.

If you want to file a complaint about an unlicensed and/or inoperable vehicle on private property, contact the Inspections Department at or 701-241-1561. Please be aware that our complaint information is public record and your name will be a part of that record should you choose to leave it.  We may also request that you testify about the problem that you reported if we take the case to court.

Parking rules

Our parking basics Web page offers specifics on the rules for parking operating vehicles on public and private property and explains who to contact about violations.


Fargo Municipal Code, Chapter 8: Parking Regulations

Towing and impound